Playing escape room games can be a great family bonding experience

Escape Room games

Escape Room games are a popular choice for birthday parties, as well as municipal attractions. These games challenge players to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape from the room – either alone or with a team of up to six people.


With an increasing number of escape rooms worldwide, it’s no surprise that this pastime is gaining popularity among family and friends. Linear escape rooms typically contain locked doors, hidden keys and trapped locks. Players are provided with a briefing by a ‘host’ that provides clues and hints to help them solve the puzzles. These games involve a series of puzzles that are specifically designed to be exciting and challenging. The challenges can be too difficult for the typical person and requires advanced knowledge.

Unique Variety

This is a unique variety of escape room games where you are required to solve a puzzle before you can move on to the next area. These games will throw several clues at the players, requiring them to make choices and solve multiple puzzles simultaneously in order to complete the game successfully.


These games involve a group of people solving a series of puzzles together to escape the room. While you can play these games alone, they are often less fun and rewarding. Co-operative/Group escape rooms can be found in retail stores, malls and rented spaces worldwide.


The target demographic for VIP Room Escape Games is usually twenty-something people, of which may have varying levels of knowledge about puzzles in general.


Horrifying escape rooms are more like real-life horror movies, where you have a limited time to solve puzzles and win the game before it's too late. The thinking required for these games is often simplistic, but execution can be very challenging in order to survive them.

This games allow up to 6 people to enter the room and attempt to solve puzzles or challenges in order to escape. These rooms may contain locks, keys and other clues that are used by the players to find their way out of the room. There are over 2000 escape room games in the world, therefore there are many other types of escape games to choose from. You can find them online or in your local mall and stores.

Private Spaces

Private spaces can be rented for an escape room experience that is unique from the others. These rooms can contain lockboxes, puzzle chambers and other challenges that would require you to work together in order to achieve the escape. Some of these private spaces also include hidden cameras for added entertainment value. If you’re planning on playing one of the above-mentioned types of escape rooms, then you’ll need to know how to become a good “Hider” or ‘finder”. 

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This type of escape room game can hold up to six players at a time, but usually two to four. You’ll be required to solve puzzles, riddles and challenges in order to escape using your brains as well as your teamwork skills.